“I will never forget and will always come back
if need be, without hesitation.”

I was recommended to Buescher Law Group through my sister’s friend at work and after hearing about his experience I knew I had to give them a call. Before coming to Buescher Law Group I was in the dark about the whole process of pursuing 50/50 custody for my son. With having done some research of my own online, one with little experience on the situation, it was easy to become overwhelmed. The next week I was in the office for my consultation. Right from the start I knew Jan Buescher was our lawyer. Her confident yet calm demeanor was refreshing. Her knowledge and past experience on the situation put my worries at ease. I walked out of there and said to my girlfriend, “She’s our lawyer.” Jan and her team at Buescher Law were very supportive throughout the whole process and were quick to call or email back if questions came up and needed answered. With an unusual work schedule, they had no problems working around it. The day of court is one I will never forget. Jan was able to get us everything we were looking for with ease. I finally had my son 50/50 with no questions asked, upon other request. It was a new start for my family and the feeling we had leaving the court house was indescribable. I could not thank Jan and the wonderful people at Buescher Law group enough for their outstanding work. The experience is one I will never forget and will always come back if need be, without hesitation. I’d like to thank Jan Buescher and the amazing people with her at Buescher Law. Without their incredible work and endless effort put towards my case I don’t know where my family and I would be today. Now we have the time we deserve without and interruptions and are enjoying every minute. I would and will continue to recommend Jan and the Buescher Law Group to anyone who needs help as I did. There will be no disappointments.

Thank you,

  — B.S. -Mesa, AZ


“I truly felt the supprot from Jan and her staff.”

I was overwhelmed and had a laundry list of uncertainties walking into Jan's office for my initial consultation. I walked out of her office that day feeling as though a burden had been lifted. I knew I was in good hands. Jan represented me in a custody case where I was constantly fighting for my child's safety. She was strong and reassuring, yet compassionate about my case; not to mention her sharp demeanor and dominance in the court room. I truly felt the support from Jan and her staff. Their communication was excellent, and I was never left with a doubt in my mind. Buescher Law Group has been a blessing, and I am so thankful I had Jan to stand beside me during my case!

Thank you,

  — L.S. - San Tan Valley, AZ


“Thank you for everything!”

I want to thank you for all you’ve done for my family and I. It’s been two tough years for my family and I. My hours and pay have been cut due to budgetary reasons at my place of work.Since my last court hearing, Father has only seen our kids twice, of course not following the court orders. But I’d like to continue to have your elite office to guide my kids and I.

Thank you for everything!

  — M.P. - Phoenix


“Our family has been able to return to
normal thanks to Jan and her hard work..”

When we hired Buescher Law Group, our family was being harassed by CPS even though we had done nothing neglectful or abusive in any way. Jan was able to get CPS to do their job and they have now unsubstantiated our case. Our family has been able to return to normal thanks to Jan and her hard work.

  — S. W. - Mesa, AZ


“Devotion, Kindness and Unwavering Support...”

Devotion, Kindness, and Unwavering Support. This alone cannot describe the amazing staff of Buescher Law Group. During what is by far the most difficult season of my life, not once have I felt defeated. The dedication that they have shown for my situation has been nothing short of remarkable. Though the journey of my divorce seems long and at times impossible, the overwhelming support and proficiency of the staff has surpassed all of my expectations… My gratitude cannot be measured nor put into words…

  — C. S. - Mesa, AZ


“I appreciate all of Jan's Hard Work and highly recommend her.”

I retained Jan Buescher in 2009 to handle my custody and back child support hearing. From the beginning, I was impressed with Jan and her staff's helpfulness and professionalism. Throughout the months of preparation, Jan and her staff were extremely thorough in researching and obtaining documentation, and advising me on what documentation I should gather that would assist with my case. I had many questions and they always took the time to answer them. They also spent time preparing me for what to expect the day of the trial. During the trial, Jan was in command of every detail and aspect. She was sharp and respectful, asking specific and pointed questions of me and my witnesses, while presenting detailed and accurate documents and facts which supported my case. Additionally, Jan was hard-hitting and precise during cross-examination, overcoming disclosures from the opposing side with strength, grace, and facts. I walked out of court very satisfied with what she had accomplished. I appreciate all of Jan's hard work and highly recommend her.

  — S.D. - Queen Creek, Arizona 


“Ms. Buescher fought for me like a lioness...”

My experience in a divorce court (and I had never been in court before) was very good! I was nervous at first. The respondent was not cooperative and just really had been putting me through hell for years. Ms. Buescher was extremely professional throughout the whole litigation. The final trial though was beautifully performed and Ms. Buescher fought for me like a lioness! I feel very good after the final trial. I would recommend Ms. Buescher to anyone going through a nasty divorce whether it involves children or not. Ms. Buescher truly did a great job for my case.

  — F.H. - Phoenix, AZ


“Jan is the most thoughtful attorney I have ever dealt with...”

I don't hold high regard for attorneys. I just don't trust them. Do they really care about me, the Client or is their main concern about how much money they will make off me? After only one session with Jan, I left believing that she cared about her Clients. It was surprising and refreshing to see in her eyes the sincerity she reflects. Her staff also reflects this kindness and should be commended for their professionalism and courtesies. My impression of Jan grew even fonder when she was perceptive enough to see how nervous I was before my court appearance. She took the time to calm me down and reassure me that she would do everything in her power to win. Once in the courtroom, she shocked me again. If I didn't know that it was my daughter she was fighting for, I would have thought it was her own. I can honestly say that she is a 'rare' find. Unfortunately, there are more attorneys out there that care more about the buck than the person behind it. Jan is the most thoughtful attorney I have ever dealt with. My opinion of attorneys has vastly changed thanks to her.

  — K.B. - Mesa, AZ


“Jan Buescher's professionalism and
determination went above and beyond...”

When I found out that my ex-wife was moving to another state with my daughter, I was devastated; but with the help of Jan Buescher and her professional staff, I was able to fight and bring my daughter back to Arizona. I have now regained the relationship I once had with my daughter. Jan Buescher's professionalism and determination went above and beyond. Thank you Jan and staff!

  — D.B. - Apache Junction, AZ


“I wholeheartedly recommend Buescher Law Group...”

I had never been in need of a lawyer until my sixteen year marriage disintegrated. I was devastated, without knowing what to do next. Fortunately, I was referred to Jan Buescher by a friend. Jan helped me get through this difficult time. I am done with my divorce and retained sole custody of my daughter (a priority for me). I wholeheartedly recommend Buescher Law Group for any family law case.

  — G.W. Phoenix AZ


“I was treated with empathy, compassion, and professionalism...”

It is with my greatest pleasure and without any hesitation that I recommend Buescher Law Group for your representation in any type of Family Law matter. I was recently placed in a very difficult situation after the loss of my wife. Jan came highly recommended and she did nothing short of living up to those recommendations. From my initial phone call with Buescher Law Group throughout the entire process I was treated with empathy, compassion, and professionalism. The entire staff took the time to develop a relationship with me and to get to know me. Going through the legal process can be very stressful and overwhelming. Jan and her associates understood that and continuously reassured me that they had my best interests at heart and they always had a way of comforting me. Jan is someone whom I would describe as taking a personal interest in her clients and fighting for what is right, Jan listened carefully to my wishes and concerns, was open and forthright with her legal knowledge and opinions, and was a true advocate for my cause. Aside from the results Jan provided for me I truly feel like I was able to build a relationship with a group of people that really care about me.

  — T.K. Phoenix AZ








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